The history of our company began in 1996 at the behest of the founding members of the Association “Arci Utopia Ilaria, whose main statutory purposes were the promotion of children’s rights, promoting family and community welfare. In 1997, at a historical moment in which there were only orphanages, the Association opened the first Community stay in Campania “Utopia Ilaria” for intra-family violence court decree removed. A capacity of up to six beds reserved for female minors aged between 12 and 18 years, individualized educational plans, a multidisciplinary team. The sensitivity of the Territorial Social service centers, along with positive feedbacks from authorities, have led to the opening in 1999 of “Utopia” Luana “, a second housing community (under female sex 12-18 years) in the municipality of San Giorgio a Cremano. The approval of the law 149/2001, which decreed the closing of residential experiences known as “orphanages” by December 2006, has strengthened the methodology already tested in our paths.

The positive experience leads, in the same year, the legal transformation of the Association into a cooperative society.

Over the years the cooperative has expanded by opening a professional training school and specialises in project management of social action Department, laboratories and educational projects in schools with the aim of prevent early school leaving and increase skills for access to the labour market.

From the year 2008 onwards, networking built, and the know-how acquired over time, allowed the beginning of a long way in designing international/European type through the promotion and management of training activities, exchange of good practice, study visits, youth exchanges, both in reception and abroad. All this has enabled the enrichment of our knowledge, allowing the retraining of operators involved in various ways, through the study of good practices in the management of operations and reception of unaccompanied minors.