Erasmus Plus

The cooperative, in partnership with Arciragazzi Arcades “Utopia Attanasio”, organises international activities within the framework of the Erasmus programme +, including: international youth exchanges, study visits and training. Among the objectives are to encourage youth mobility, cultural exchange and mutual enrichment, the use of non-formal educational approaches, strengthening the skills of youth workers.

In 2015, Shannara was directly promoter of following activities:

2015.6/11 September: MEDA YOUTH IMMIGRATION, 
Study Visit (Portici, Napoli) project funded by the European Commission – Erasmus +

Promoter: Social Cooperative Shannara Onlus
Id Number: 2015-1-En03-KA105-005683

Activities: Visiting study involved # 9 countries and # 24 social educators/youth workers/volunteers working with young people with fewer opportunities and focused on action-reaction of cause-and-effect juvenile immigration from Mediterranean countries. Italian staff (specialized in welcoming and taking charge of children/young immigrants) showed some of the effects of this phenomenon in order to give the countries of the Mediterranean area different points of view to work on the causes. The purpose of the study tour was to provide basic information to the Mediterranean countries to better understand the needs of young people in order to develop and plan the best answers to the needs of local youth by giving them more tools to improve their education and social cohesion and, new tools for the right choice of a migration. Instead, the Mediterranean countries have offered to European countries involved intercultural tools for a better understanding of the culture of origin and to improve the level of competences and skills of European youth worker for the promotion of intercultural and interreligious dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity for young immigrants in the Mediterranean area in European countries.
Non-formal learning activities have been planned: encounters with young immigrants (boys and girls); Panel discussions with experts in the field of youth immigration that facilitated the learning process of the participants to give a different point of view on the problems of youth in the countries of origin. The objectives and priorities of this project were: to improve the quality of the interventions to promote progress in youth work and/or other stakeholders; stimulate and encourage the mutual knowledge and cultural understanding among the youth of the Euro-Mediterranean area; combat stereotypes and prejudice and to promote active citizenship among young people and increase their sense of solidarity.

Countries: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Malta, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt.