Curricular Internships

The cooperative Shannara has an agreement with the University for studies of Naples “Suor Orsola Benincasa” for training and internship for students in degree programs in:
• Educational Sciences
• Social Service

The cooperative operates two community accommodation for children from 13 to 18 years (with continuation up to 21 years): “Utopia Ilaria” for boys and “Utopia Luana” for girls. The facilities are unaccompanied minors (MSNA) and are active in anti-trafficking circuit through introduction programmes and social protection. All children are welcomed following managerial Decree (pursuant to article 403 C.C.) and/or decree of the juvenile court and have their own social worker.

The internship allows the observation and understanding of organizational mode of a socio-educational structure and reception for adolescents through a network work with institutional bodies responsible for protecting (Court, social services).

The Coordinator is the daily reference for what is happening in the community and sharing of tasks; the psychologist will take care of individual supervisory meetings for better understanding and elaboration of the experience. For students of Psychology internship is a chance to watch “in vivo” development of bond of attachment, psychological and relational consequences of abuse and neglect.

Specifically, the intern will be involved in:

  • Understand the Service Charter, with deepening of aims and objectives, together with the organisational and functional structure of the facility,
  • Observe and understand the tools used for the full implementation of the provisions of the methodology of the structure
  • Observe the following relationships: teacher-less (and as every educator has its own style in relating to AU/a); in the Group of educators; the child in the group with other guests.
  • Supporting the teacher in their role
  • Depending on the Group of hosts and the propensity of the trainee, assignment of a task to be carried out during the traineeship and to be chosen among the following: strengthening of the Italian language with educational deficiencies, support the recovery of MSNA of minors, proposal for workshop activities in free time (according to the personal ability of the trainee)

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