Centro Donna “Utopia Elodia”

Founded in 1997 as a support activity to parenting of children accommodated in communities, then turned into a listening Center woman. The Center offers services for the ' adult distress ' Italian/foreign people who live in difficult circumstances, for quotas of vulnerability and social precarity. The overall objective of this type of service is to provide emergency response than the satisfaction of basic needs or necessity, but in the medium to long term is also to build routes for autonomy or liberation from the conditions of difficulty through individualized design of insertion and social integration with psychological and social support and services supporting the autonomy and integration into employment. "Utopia Elodia" favors using a task of information awareness of the phenomenon and promotes a culture centered on human rights, gender equality and against all kinds of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, through territorial training and awareness actions involving not only our users but the whole citizenship. It is currently run voluntarily and operates in conjunction with Anti-violence centres incorporated within the network "women in Network against violence" – Say by doing an interview to first logon, with the support of specialized personnel, and sending to Expert centres.


Organized by Cooperative Shannara, municipality of Portici, Portici, Italy Women Union, UDI Arciragazzi One Billion Rising (Arcades)

ACTIVITIES: The youth group organised a public event denouncing gender-based violence with a clear reference to the FREAKS! made from Arciragazzi Porches. The event was submitted to an international character in the campaign One Billion Rising and in the national event "busy" they plan to reserve a "place" in memory of women victims of all forms of violence. The actresses were given membership free of charge are Sara Campbell, who is also one of the actresses of the film "Mater Natura", with actress Veronica Astuni.

Organized by Arcigay, Association Trans Napoli.

Organized by Arcigay Napoli kicks off for the second consecutive year to an initiative against transphobia. A few days of assaults by Antonella (attacked by a client while she was a prostitute) and Rosa (who held one of the workshops during the Exchange was beaten and kicked her out by his family) through a campaign titled #OrgoglioTrans, the LGBT Association has started an outreach initiative that was first seen interpreters of pride of trans people who really knows this, and it echoes in a positive way through one click. Young members of Arciragazzi and the municipality of Portici have joined the campaign with hashtags and attended the public event held in Naples. Staff of the cooperative has supported and participated at the event.

Event sponsored by the city of Portici

Promoter: Coop. Shannara, Arciragazzi Porches, UDI, Roller, Golden Mile Art, One Billion Rising

Activities: day of screenings of videos, commercials and short films relating to problems related to women with an eye to gender equality. Arciragazzi Arcades also took care of the children's area with games designed to stimulate cooperation and not the prevarication of one sex over the other.